20 Hilarious Cinco De Mayo Party Goers That Drank Way Too Much

Cinco De Mayo, a day of celebration, reflection and a reason to get completely smashed without an excuse. Be on the lookout for these drunken idiots — the drunks are endless. There’s the mean drunk, happy drunk and prankster drunk. You even have partiers that cry, laugh or sing mariachi songs loudly and uncontrollably. Of all of these, it’s best to be the one holding the camera. If you’re lucky enough to get a shot, just make sure you’re not one of them. These embarrassing photos capture the not so great highlights of some hilarious Cinco De Mayo partiers that went overboard by getting a little too plastered.

Golden Aged

Hey, seniors like to party too.

Thug Life

If you’re going to party this hard, hide all sharpies.


The upside is, if he throws up, it won’t ruin his shirt.

Need A Withdrawal

This dude came to get money for more booze but passed out before succeeding.

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