20 Hilarious Examples Of Everyday Irony

You don’t need to look far to find hilarious coincidence and irony. It can be found in our own backyard if you look hard enough. The world is full of humor. There are the signs in awkward places. There are the events that make you wonder, “How in the world did that happen?” There are the people who do well-meaning things but then mess it up in the funniest ways. Here are 20 examples of it to brighten your day. Maybe these examples will help you find the irony in your own world so you can take life a little less seriously.

Inefficiency At Its Finest

This council ran out of time to discuss making the meetings shorter. As one member said, “We don’t have time to discuss time.”

Wishful Thinking

Yes, the license plate on this small car says, “Huge.” Maybe the owner thought if she voiced her wish, it would come.

To Dive Or Not To Dive

To dive or not to dive, that is apparently the question. These people could at least stop teasing us about it.

Totally Going There

We can only hope that the pilot of that plane is okay and that he was flying to the school to improve his skill. If this is what a graduate of the school can do, we’re not going there.

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