20 Hilarious Photos Of Animals Being Clumsy

Humans can be quite clumsy at times, we trip, we fall, we stub our toes or get stuck in the strangest of places. Well, it might cheer you up to know that clumsiness is not reserved for just humans, animals also have their awkward moments and oftentimes it can be quite funny. Let’s be real — these mischievous little creatures are usually just clumsy by default. They fall victim to furniture, household appliances and outdoor items all because of curiosity, and who could blame them? Here are 20 hilarious photos of animals being clumsy.

Blind Attack

This little kitty was minding his own business, then out of nowhere the blinds attacked him.

Musical Chairs

This is why ‘musical chairs’ is for humans only.

Couch Potato

He looks totally comfy in this position. Maybe we should sit like that when we’re watching TV?

Tangled Up

We’re not too sure how this lioness got tangled up in this tree, but it would be nice if someone could help her.

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