20 Hilariously Uncomfortable Celebrity Meet And Greet Photos

Celebrities would not be famous if it weren’t for the fans out there supporting them by buying their music or going to see their movies. Because of that, they like to show their love for all that support and offer meet and greets with some of their fans. Most of the time, the fans pay good money for these meet and greets and the celebrities roll with the punches and demands of the fans, as seen in these photos. Check out some of the most awkward celebrity meet and greet photos out there!

Demi Lovato

You have to give props to Demi for agreeing to take this photo, but it definitely looks like she is not enjoying it. Why would this girl want a photo like that?

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga loves her fans, so maybe she was having a rough night. She definitely doesn’t seem thrilled with these two Little Monsters!


We love everything about Rihanna, so this photo may look awkward, but we love it! Not many random girls out there can say Rihanna grabbed their boobs, so way to go girl.

Paris Hilton

We are not sure why anyone would be that excited to meet Paris Hilton, but this guy brought his doll with him and couldn’t keep his tongue in his mouth! Paris looks like she just wants the photo done and him out of her personal space.

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