20 Horrifying Shark Attacks That Will Make You Question Going Swimming

It’s summertime, which means everyone wants to head to the beach and enjoy themselves while the heat is high and the sun is shining bright. Unfortunately, the beach has become home to plenty of wildlife, including the occasional shark swimming far too close to the shore. Every now and then, a shark is spotted near the coast, and the entirety of the closest beaches are put on alert to caution everyone from entering the water. However, that doesn’t always work, as there are shark attacks happening all the time. Here are twenty of the very worst occurrences.

Rodney Fox

Rodney Fox, in 1963, was attacked by a shark while in his wetsuit. The attack was considered to be one of the very worst shark attacks in history. Fox suffered a punctured diaphragm, pierced scapula, and a ripped lung. His rib cage and upper stomach were exposed, and the wetsuit held his internal organs inside of him after the attack.

Omar Conger

Omar Conger, along with his diving companion Chris Rehm, were in the water along the Pacific Coast near Santa Cruz, California. Conger was attacked by a great white that jumped out of the water and pulled him in. The shark’s bites suggested it to be around 16-feet long.

La Seyne

In 1909, the French steamer La Seyne was moving 100 passengers from Java to Singapore when they collided with the Onda, a British-India Steamship Co. liner. The wreck, which happened 26 miles from land along the Rhio Strait, caused numerous deaths. Over 101 people were killed by sharks following the sinking, according to the captain, Joseph Coulailhac.

Ian Redmond

While on his honeymoon, Ian Redmond was attacked by a six-foot shark along Anse Lazio Beach in Seychelles. Redmond was snorkeling off-shore with his wife, Gemma Houghton, when the attack happened. Both his arm and leg were ripped off. Redmond ultimately bled to death on the beach after being dragged from the water.

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