20 Images Of Celebrities That Look Like Food

What is more entertaining than a celebrity or historical figure? We’ll tell you what — a celebrity/historical figure that looks like food. Or we guess we should say food that looks like a celebrity/historical figure. Who needs to read about Jessica Alba when you can just snack on something that looks exactly like her? If you find a piece of toast that looks like Britney Spears, or a melon that looks exactly like Jay Leno, save it forever. Don’t eat it and do not throw it away, whatever you do. Here are 20 photos of food that look like famous people.

Amber Rose And A Cheeto

This is incredibly spot on, including that bright orange color they’re both rocking.

Kate Middleton And A Jelly Bean

This jelly bean should be crowned queen.

E.T. And A Tater Tot

Somebody help this tater tot get back to its home planet.

Abe Lincoln And A Chicken Nugget

I don’t think I could bite into this chicken nugget ever. It’s looking far too serious.

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