20 Intense Food Challenges That Will Not Leave You Wanting More

With a high percentage of the population overweight, these photos could be a good reason why! We have all heard of restaurants offering food challenges, like you may have seen on Man vs. Food on the Food Network. Most of the time they have you eating a ton of food in a certain amount of time and if you are successful, then you get a free t-shirt! Seems kind of lame, but a ton of people do it and we came up with a list of the 20 craziest food challenges right here!

Kirby’s Cupcake Challenge

It may look like a cake, but that is one giant cupcake! It equals 21 regular cupcakes and weighs 2.5 pounds. You get to pick the frosting and if you can eat it in 30 minutes, then you get a free meal, t-shirt and wall of fame photo.

Seiad Cafe’s Pancake Challenge

You will need a lot of syrup for this challenge, as Seiad Cafe in California is challenging you to eat these five pancakes (which total seven inches high, 13 inches in diameter and weigh eight pounds). You have two hours to eat them all and then get your photo put on the wall.

Mick & Angelo’s Italian Challenge

This looks like the table for a big, Italian family. However, that is the food challenge at Mick & Angelo’s. The challenge includes the daily soup, spaghetti, meatballs, manicotti, lasagna, sausage, chicken parmigiana, garlic loaf and a red velvet cupcake. You have 90 minutes to eat it all for a free meal, t-shirt and photo on the wall of fame.

San Francisco Creamery’s Sundae Challenge

This one is definitely worth the effort, as you get a free year of ice cream if you can finish it! That sundae contains eight scoops of ice cream with three bananas, almonds, cherries and whipped cream. However, we are thinking not many people are finishing that sundae.

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