20 Kids Napping In Hilarious Places

There’s nothing more annoying than being awoken from a nap for any reason – and that includes camera flashes. But these kids just looked too hilarious when they were asleep that their parents could not help but document it, and most of the time they look to be in such a deep sleep that nothing could wake them. From falling asleep face down, standing up, or in a way that simply could not be comfortable, these are some pretty funny napping kids.

On An Office Chair

This little lady must have had a really tough day at work to need to nap on an office chair. Most of us have been there, just not usually at such a young age.

On Top Of The Toilet

A lot of adults have probably woken up on Sunday mornings with their face on a toilet, too!

In A Laundry Basket

He had better be careful or he’s going to get folded up and put away in a drawer with a bunch of socks.

In A Bowl

Maybe he wasn’t ready to wake up yet and decided his bowl of cereal was going to have to wait until he caught a few more Zzz’s.

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