20 Little-Known Facts About Disney Parks

You’ve visited the parks. You’ve ridden the rides. You’ve seen the attractions. You may have even read up on some Disney lore. But there’s a lot that goes into running the Walt Disney theme parks that the guests don’t necessarily know about. The history of the parks, too, have quite a few interesting surprises.

There are the facts everybody knows – like how all of the attractions broke down the first day Disneyland opened in California. But then there’s the offbeat stuff the guidebooks don’t tell you – like how the Pirates of the Caribbean ride originally used real human bones. Read on to discover more little-known facts about Disney parks.

Gum-Free Zone

None of the shops in Walt Disney World sell chewing gum. Apparently, cleaning all the gum from the sidewalks got to be such a hassle, the parks banned gum completely to curtail the problem. It still ends up on the sidewalks from time to time, but only because some visitors decide to bring their own.

Andy is Coming!

Until recently, Toy Story characters used to go limp and drop to the ground when a guest would shout “Andy is coming!” The practice, which was an homage to the Toy Story films, has been discontinued for safety reasons.

Worst Yard in the Neighborhood

The lawns at Disney parks are meticulously maintained, but the yard in front of the Haunted Mansion ride is left to grow wild to fit the spooky theme of the attraction.

Macabre Momento

Speaking of the Haunted Mansion, look around the ground for a wedding ring embedded in the concrete. It’s a spooky allusion to the “hanging bride” character from the ride.

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