20 Men Who Took Their Wedding Proposals To The Next Level

Boys will always be boys. Their goal is often to impress and grab attention. It’s not enough to leave a girl speechless by uttering those 4 little words, “Will you marry me?”, they want to do it in style and in a way that no one will ever forget. Under the sea, in the air, enlisting help, and inspired by books and movies, here are some of the strangest and wackiest ways that men have proposed to the ladies in their lives.

Could You Say ‘No’ To This Face?

This guy put a sign around his dog. Talk about unfair. Who could say ‘no’ to that face?

Hopefully You’re Not Afraid Of Heights

Regardless of the breathtaking view, there are those who would say ‘yes’ just to get down from there. They hiked 9 hours to get to this rocky cliff and he still had the strength to get down on one knee.

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