20 Mind-Blowing Ice Sculptures You Have To See

Ice sculpting is an amazing art form. The sculptors usually begin with brute force by taking a chainsaw to a block of ice, but as their work progresses, they use more refined tools to develop the most intricate and elegant details. As with painting and other forms of sculpting, almost anything is possible. However, at the heart of these amazing sculptures is a powerful message: life and beauty is fleeting. These artists work hard to develop these sculptures, but their works are doomed to melt and perish. But these artists sculpt these ice figures anyways, for the beauty and awe these figures inspire will certainly live on after their physical forms have vanished.

Cinderella’s Carriage

This ice sculpture is elegant and sophisticated enough for Cinderella, or anyone else for that matter.

Chess Pieces Made of Ice

This is taking chess to a whole new level. Now the players will have to be fast and complete the game before the pieces melt.


Aladdin’s genie will grant you three wishes if you ask nicely. Just do so before he melts.


Hey, anybody want to get a dance party going inside? Just make sure to wear warm clothes!

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