20 Most Shocking Zombie Gifts For Geeks

The season premier of the spin-off of The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, is airing in about a month, so it is time to celebrate and look at some of the most shocking and gruesome zombie gifts out there. You are going to want to have these on hand, whether to decorate your own home or give as gifts to guests or hosts. Some of these great zombie collector pieces are shocking themselves, and for some it’s simply the price that is shocking!

Zombie Wine Bottle Holder

You can find this awesome zombie wine bottle holder for $23.15 on Amazon. Who doesn’t want to have a zombie drinking their wine?

Daryl’s Ear Necklace

For fans of The Walking Dead, this Daryl Dixon Ear Necklace is a great collectors item, for a whopping $94. For others it’s just plain gross.

Realistic Zombie Costume

For the host, this is the perfect costume to where at your own Zombie party. It is a movie quality outfit with a hefty price of $299.99.

Melting Zombie Candles

Gruesome bloody melting zombie candles are a must have at only $15 each. They will make your party complete.

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