20 Most Valuable Teams In Major League Baseball

Everyone loves going to a baseball game, getting a hot dog, and watching their favorite team take the field. While most always root for the home team, that doesn’t make all teams equal – especially when it comes to their economic value. That’s not to say the most valuable franchises are any better than the home town favorite, it just means they benefit from being located in major population centers, often with major cable deals. So don’t fret – there’s nothing wrong with rooting for your favorite team. However, if you’re curious just which franchises are the most valuable from a business standpoint, you’re in luck: Here are the Top 20 Most Valuable Teams in Major League Baseball.

20. Cincinnati Reds

Coming in at number 20 on our list of most valuable MLB franchises is the Cincinnati Reds, valued at $885 million. Originally known long ago as the “Redlegs”, the Reds make their home in Cincinnati, OH, where MLB was founded over 140 years ago, so it comes as no surprise that the Reds find a spot on this list.

19. San Diego Padres

While recent additions to the team like slugger Matt Kemp and pitcher James Shields certainly help, being located in southern California and some lucrative television distribution deals brings the San Diego Padres in at number 19 on our list. The franchise generates over $35 million a year in operating income and has been estimated to be worth $890 million.

18. Minnesota Twins

Taking the field at Target Field in Minneappolis, the 18th most valuable team in Major League Baseball is the Minnesota Twins. Thanks to its above average record and devoted fan base, The Twins have been assigned a value of $895 million.

17. Pittsburgh Pirates

Watch out for these Pirates when you’re hitting the Three Rivers of Western Pennsylvania, coming in at number 17 on our list is the Pittsburgh Pirates with over $43 million in annual operating income and an estimated value of $900 million.

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