20 Odd Celebrity Couple Relationships

Felicity Huffman

Five-time Golden Globe award nominee Felicity Huffman has had plenty of success on film, stage and television. Her husband, William H. Macy, is also a fairly well-known actor though it’s questionable if he has the successful career like his wife Felicity. While William does act on various film projects, he is also a screenwriter, teacher and director.

Adriana Lima

Not too many people can say they married a supermodel. Adriana Lima is a Victoria Secret model who decided to spend the rest of her life with Marko Jaric. Never heard of Marko Jeric? We’re not surprised as he is a retired Serbian professional basketball player.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Aaron Taylor-Johnson might be best remembered for the lead role in Kick-Ass. Love apparently knows no bounds as Aaron married Samantha Taylor-Wood, a filmmaker, and photographer. Samantha just so happens to be over twenty years older than Aaron though both truly care for one another.

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks is known for several works within the film industry such as The Hunger Games series. Interestingly enough, Elizabeth fell head over heels for American blogger Max Handelman who is also credited for helping Fox Sports launch the fantasy football division.

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