20 Of Marvel Comics’ Weirdest Villains

It’s safe to say at this point that stopping Marvel’s armada of superhero movies is about as easy as stopping a bullet train with a slice of toast. It’s just not going to happen, at least not for the next half-decade or so. Still, it might be a sign that the movies are running out of steam if they start banking on some of the comics’ stranger villains — because even if moviegoers can take shirtless Russians with electric whips, there’s always a line that mustn’t be crossed. So, here are some of the more esoteric evildoers in Marvel’s employ.


The Marvel universe — cinematic or otherwise — has tiers of power ranging from the everyday human to what might as well be the cosmic level. After a certain point, only the toughest heroes can deal with dread lords from alternate dimensions. But that brings in a major sticking point: when there are creatures with immense power and ability, there’s no reason why they should willingly choose to look like a blind man’s version of an octopus. No one told that to Shuma-Gorath, though; whether or not he poses like a discount Cthulu — which he technically is — it’s a safe bet that he’s proud of his looks. For some reason.

Big Zero

In all fairness, Big Zero isn’t the only Marvel character — or comic character, period — who can grow to monstrous sizes. In fact, she’s actually a rival of the Young Avengers’ Cassie Lang, the daughter of one version of Ant-Man who shares his size-shifting powers. But what sets Big Zero apart is that she’s an open supporter of the Nazi Party — and apparently, her loyalty is the result of her being from a microscopic alternate universe where fascism never went out of style. Leave it to the comics to innovate; its writers proved that the only thing worse than a bigot is a bigot the size of a skyscraper.


Doctor Octopus may be one of the most famous multi-armed villains thanks to the movies, but he’s a pale imitation of the real deal. A slew of modifications left stuntwoman Rita Wayword with six arms, only one of which is robotic — for some reason — and the ability to use dark magic after extensive training. It’s one thing for her to harness that magic via what amounts to interpretive dance, but another thing entirely for her to be able to see other dimensions. Also of note: she’s a villain for the X-Men. Clearly, Xavier’s students have a lot to comprehend on their plate, let alone deal with.

Fin Fang Foom

It would be simple enough to say “his name is Fin Fang Foom” and leave it at that, but there’s much more to go over. He was a backup plan left behind by an alien race known as the Kakaranatharans, who landed in China and used their shapeshifting powers to begin their secret invasion and conquest of Earth. Why they needed to bother with subterfuge when they had alien technology is a mystery, but it may be a moot point for an alien race with no qualms about unleashing what is literally a dragon when the going gets rough. Even if it can shoot acid, the shoe fits his size eighty feet.

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