20 Of Nicki Minaj’s Wackiest Outfits

Versace Madness

Donatella Versace created this colorful ensemble for the rapper, which she wore to an event held by the brand. She topped off the outfit with sky high heels and a curly green wig.

Chicken and Plastic

I’m not sure where to begin with this one so let’s just focus on the huge chicken leg, over-sized bangles and transparent skirt which seems to be made from plastic.

Pope Inspired

Taking a somewhat dramatic turn from her rainbow colored outfits, Nicki shocked everyone at the Grammy Awards when she showed up in this head-turning, Pope inspired outfit.

Teddy Bear Dress

Clearly a throwback to her childhood days, the rapper wore a dress made out of teddy bears with fluffy shoes while on set for a music video.

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