20 Of The Craziest Souvenirs From Around The World

Elephant Dung Coffee

We’ll keep on the elephant poop train here, as they make coffee from it in Thailand. The beans are eaten by elephants and then retrieved from their poop the following day and used to make coffee. As disgusting as it sounds, the beans are said to make coffee that is earthy and smooth on the palate.

Gold Bars

Apparently you can buy 24 carats of pure gold as a souvenir in the Dubai airport. These gold bars would make a nice present for someone, if you had an extra $3,000 laying around to buy them!

Scorpion Lollipops

You can find these delectable treats all over in Arizona. We are not sure why the scorpion needs to be in the middle of it, as it looks disgusting to us. They are sugar free though, so good job there!

Elephant Dung Beer

Going back to the elephants, those beans they used to make coffee are also used to make beer in Japan! The beans are used by Japanese brewery Sankt Gallen to make Un, Kono Kuro, which is an expensive and very popular beer in Japan.

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