20 Of The Cutest Baby Animals That Will Fit In Your Hand

There’s something special about an infant, regardless of species or breed — we can all agree that babies are just too cute across the animal kingdom. Having an exotic pet is a fantasy of most people. Those who’ve been lucky enough to be around some of nature’s beautiful babies have shared these adorable pictures for the benefit of animal lovers around the planet. Here is a list of 20 of the cutest baby animals that are tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hands.

Buck (Baby Rabbit)

This is not a ‘wascally wabbit’, so please keep Elmer Fudd away from it. Rabbits multiplying rapidly, which makes a lot of sense — we’re sure they find each other just as cute as we find them.


This owl is adorable enough to make us lose some sleep and turn us into nocturnal creatures as well.

Pinkie (Baby Mouse)

Before a mouse grows up to scare women and children around the world, it look as adorable as any animal you may encounter. Think about this image the next time you set a mouse trap!

Baby Chipmunk

With enough love and affection, this chipmunk could grow up to be Simon, Theodore or even Alvin! We can dream, can’t we?

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