20 Of The Funniest Organization Logos Of All Time

We all appreciate a good corporate logo. They can stir our deepest feelings, provide comfort before we make a purchase, and let us know exactly what we can expect from an organization. Unfortunately, as with many things, logos can go bad. In such instances, we are left to wonder who approved the logos of these organizations. We have to ask “was anyone paying attention?” Seriousness aside, a poorly chosen logo is always good for a laugh so we wondered, what are the top 20 funniest logos out there? So, without further ado, here are 20 Of The Funniest Organization Logos Of All Time.

Bureau of Health Pomotion of Taiwan

It’s pretty obvious what this looks like, we’re just wondering what it’s supposed to look like.

Encebe Corp.

This simple meat packing and transportation company clearly has no idea what their logo looks like.


We assume this is some kind of child care facility, one that should definitely consider a new logo.

Clinical Dental

Well, at least patients get service with a smile.

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