20 Of The Funniest, Weirdest & Shocking “As Seen On TV” Items

Shake and Take

The product itself is just another single-serve blender. But put that out of your head – it’s the name that’s funny. If someone didn’t know what this was, they’d be thinking, “just what am I shaking and taking, here?”

Moo Mixer

Not only is the name hilarious, it conjures up notions of fighting, or mingling at a party with cows — but so is the idea that mixing chocolate milk is so difficult that they had to develop a mechanical mug to “perfectly mix your chocolate milk.” And come on, can you just imagine the conversation: “Mom, have you seen my Moo Mixer?”

Hydro Mousse

The basic idea is to mix up the grass seed mixture with the water, put it in the sprayer contraption, spray the area you want to reseed, and the liquid will “puff up” like hair mousse. At least according to the ad. Product reviews suggest otherwise, and you really have to wonder at the chuckleworthy name, as well.

Wax Vac

The ads are everywhere for this thing. Yes, it vacuums out ear wax, but you still have to clean the machine when it gets clogged. So what’s funny about this is not just the name, but at the lack of logic the creators of this product have. And just what did they use before they even invented this contraption?

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