20 Of The Most Bizarre Online Communities

The internet has made it far easier for groups of likeminded people to get together and talk than ever before. Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook as well as online forums like Reddit have made it possible for communities, that would never have been popular enough to start up offline, to flourish.

While many of them are ordinary communities that revolve around topics and subjects that are completely understandable, others are rather bizarre and leave you wondering how so many people can share a love for the same strange thing.

My Free Implants

My Free Implants is an online community that has been set up to allow women who can’t afford breast implants but want them to talk to each other. It also offers to match up the women with potential men who may be willing to foot the bill themselves, saving women the cost of the implants.

Meet An Inmate

Having a pen pal with a prisoner has been a practice for many years but Meet An Inmate brings the whole idea into the modern age by giving prisoners the chance to advertise directly for pen pals. The ads can be placed on the website and give potential writers the chance to know a little bit about the prisoner, including their age, sex, likely release date and previous jobs.

Carpets For Airports

The Carpets For Airports website is a place where users can share their pictures of the carpets and flooring that lines the airports of the world. This is accompanied with information about the airport, there locations and a review of the carpets themselves.

Euro Gay Police

While it was still in operation, Euro Gay Police was a website that acted as the community hub for all gay, bisexual, lesbian and transsexual police across Europe. Other users would offer support to colleagues located throughout the continent as well as allowing the discussion of important events and issues facing the community.

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