20 Of The Most Evil Cats You’ll Ever See

Anyone who has ever spent any time around cats know that not only do they have their moments of utter cuteness, they also sometimes have their moments of fright. These scaredy cats are more likely to cause you to be scared in the dark of night. Some of them may make you giggle a little as well. Cats definitely have multiple personalities, and you’ll see some from their darker side here. From kittens to adults, you never know if you have an evil cat until it’s too late!

The Spy Cat

This cat not only has some demonic yellow eyes, but he is pretty good at the creepy stalker look.

The Demonic Cat

If your cat look at you like this in the middle of the night, you just might think he’s possessed.

The Peeking Cat

This cat is taking a peek over the counter at you, trying to determine if now is the right time to attack.

The Vampire Cat In Training

This baby is just too cute to be evil, or so you think.

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