20 Of The Most Exquisite Temples From Around The World

Most people probably think of the India, China or elsewhere in the Far East when they hear the word ‘temple’, but as this list proves, there are exquisite temples in every country around the world. It was Rumi who once said that ‘There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground’, and this list of breathtaking temples from around the world proves that statement to be true. From India and China to Egypt and the United States, visiting some of these temples is sure to land on your bucket list. But for now you don’t need a plane ticket, just enjoy!

Borobudur (Indonesia)

This Buddhist temple was built in the 9th century, then rediscovered in the 19th century by Dutch occupiers, in the jungles of Java, Indonesia. There are nine platforms made up of 2 million cubic feet of stone that make for a 2 mile walk, during which the 2,700 low reliefs tell the life story of Buddha. In total there are 504 Buddha statues throughout!

Lotus Temple (India)

This exquisite temple in New Delhi, India, was completed in 1986 and is one of the most important Bahai temples in the world. Built in the shape of the lotus flower, it is made of pure white marble and surrounded by nine pools that light up in natural light.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery (Bhutan)

This Buddhist monastery in Paro Valley, Bhutan was built in 1692. It sits on a 3,000 foot high cliff and is restricted to practicing Buddhists on retreat. And if you are a visitor, bring your hiking boots. It’s a two hour steep climb up the mountain to get there.

Wat Benchamabophit (Thailand)

This ornate Buddhist temple, known as the “Marble Temple,” is made entirely of Italian marble, but retains all of the classically Thai architectural traits. Construction began 1899 and today it is one of the most visited temples in Thailand.

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