20 Of The Most Hilarious Cat Shaming Signs

You’ve heard that kids do the darnedest things, right? Well, cats do the darnedest things too. These 20 cats went all out and because of their craziness, shocking behavior, and rude behavior, they were shamed by their owners. Some of them clearly show their shame in these photos and some flat out look like they are ready to cause trouble again. If you have a cat, it’s pretty likely you’ve been through one or more of the following circumstances.

The Money Eater

It’s bad enough when you have a pet that eats a few dollars, but this bad kitty ate half the rent!

Hiding Their Shame

This cat has so much shame that he tried to hide part of it. Poor kitty was just sick.

Did He Learn His Lesson?

Cats and dogs both eat crazy things sometimes. This cat should be glad it had pet parents with enough money for that vet bill!

Another Hair Tie Thief

At least this one doesn’t eat them. Although he does like cereal.

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