20 Of The Most Pointless Signs Ever Created

We see signs all day long, and most of the time, they’re your run-of-the-mill warning or directional signs to which we pay little to no attention to. Some signs do get extra attention, however, when they have spelling and grammatical errors, and or they are used inappropriately. Thankfully, people are quick to share photos of these unfortunate signs and lists like this can be made so readers can laugh at the epic fail on the part of the sign maker. Here are 20 signs that need to be reconsidered.

The No Signs Sign

This would not be quite as embarrassing if they had thought to add “Except This One” at the bottom. But so far, it looks like everyone is abiding by this rule.

No Pets…Unless

Okay, which one is it? Someone really messed this up.

Thanks, Captain Obvious

Unless that sign has braille on it, it won’t be doing anyone any favors at all.

A Fatal Permit

If entry can be fatal and you need a permit to enter, doesn’t that mean whoever does give you permission doesn’t mind if you die?

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