20 Of The Strangest Festivals In The United States

The United States boasts some of the strangest, weirdest, and most shocking festivals in the world. We’re not just talking about your usual seasonal themed festival. In Michigan they have what basically is summed up as a Jimmy Buffett festival, under a different name. Some places celebrate what they are named after, some just like to celebrate. You’ll even find some festivals that might bug you, oh, and the most freakish of all? You can join a festival underwater. Now that’s shocking.

Louisiana Shrimp & Petroleum Festival

Shrimp and petroleum may seem like a pretty strange combination, but somehow Louisiana seems to make it work. Both industries are big in the state, so somehow they just worked when it came to a festival. The festival usually occurs at the end of August through the beginning of September. You can expect lots of fun and Cajun food.

Roswell UFO Festival

Whether or not you believe that aliens crash landed in Roswell, this New Mexico town celebrates the event each year. This year the festivities are July 2nd through July 5th. The best part of this strange event? The alien costume contest.

Mars New Year

This weekend, June 18th to 20th, Mars, Pennsylvania celebrates the New Year on Mars (the planet). This even happens once every two Earth years, usually at a different time each year. NASA and other space nuts get together and party.

Caseville Cheeseburger Festival

Every year, for ten days, Caseville, Michigan, a little town on Saginaw Bay, turns into Key North. This is Cheeseburger In Caseville — It’s ten days of fun, food, shopping, music and more. This year’s festival is August 14th to 23rd.

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