20 Of The Strangest Festivals In The United States

BugFest in Raleigh

Most people aren’t fans of bugs, well, of most bugs anyway. If you are afraid to eat bugs, the BugFest in Raleigh, North Carolina is not the place for you. However, you can spend some time learning all you can stand about insects while you’re there. This year BugFest is on September 19th.

Road Kill Cook-Off Festival

Every September, Marlinton, West Virginia celebrates road kill with the Road Kill Cook-Off Festival. Don’t be scared, most participants use fresh kills not necessarily found on the road. To qualify they just need to have animals that are frequently run over, like possum, deer, squirrel, and rabbit.

Cow Chip Throwing Festival

Ever wanted to fling cow poop? Well, there is a festival for that in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. If you want to try your ability, this festival is September 4th and 5th this year.

The Mosquito Festival

While most people are just pestered by mosquitoes, Clute, Texas celebrates them with a fun festival in late July. They even have a mosquito calling contest.

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