20 Of The Weirdest Criminal Sentences

When you step into a judge’s courtroom and are found guilty or plead no contest, you may expect to be fined, have to complete community service or spend some time in jail. However, there are certain situations in which the judge may issue a creative sentence rather than send a defendant to jail. This can vary from spending time outside holding a sign, walking a donkey, cutting off your hair or living outside for a couple of days. The list below contains some of the weirdest sentences to ever be issued by a judge.

The Bully

Edmond Aviv was ordered to appear outside holding a “I am a bully” sign. Aviv pleaded no contest for disorderly conduct. According to court records, he was harassing his disabled neighbor for over 15 years. This was his fourth conviction.

The Cab Jilter

Teenager Victoria Bascom was sentenced to walk for 30 miles within 48 hours. Bascom was found guilty of nonpayment of her cab fare after being driven over 30 miles to her destination.

The Pepper Sprayer

Diamond Gaston was given a choice between being pepper sprayed by her victim (a family member) or serving jail time. Gaston chose to be pepper sprayed in court, but the liquid turned out to be just a saline solution.

The Kitten Ditcher

Michelle Murray was ordered to spend the night in the woods without any form of entertainment, food or water after being found guilty of abandoning 35 kittens.

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