20 Of The World’s Worst Parents

Being a parent is a difficult job. There is so much to handle, and the job itself is always changing. The job is so much different during the baby and toddler years than it is during the teen years. There are some things, however, that should come fairly naturally with being a parent. For example, compassion, care, and love should all be instinctive once you have a child. Some parents are lacking in their maternal and paternal instincts, however, and it is kind of funny…but also sad. Maybe the fact of the matter is that not everyone is cut out to be a parent.

These Parents Of The Year

“So cute, let’s get a picture!”

“Oh crap, you dropped him!”

“Here’s To Our Kids!”

It is common knowledge that drinking while pregnant can have extremely damaging effects on the fetus. These moms don’t seem to care though.

This Kid Is Already In A Gang

The dilemma here is in whether you should be scared for this child, or for the people that this child crosses.

This Baby Dropper

This mom dropped her baby while she was on the phone. Instead of dropping everything to tend to her child, she made sure she stayed on the phone during the ordeal. Priorities.

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