20 Outlandish, Daring And Era Defining Celebrities

Celebrities are everywhere. Whether you love to follow celebrities, or could care less about their social status, you can’t help but notice them because they’re all over the media pulling all kinds of stuff that you just wouldn’t dare do in “normal” society. This makes them either shocking, laughable, or a good deal of both, because maybe they’re just truly being themselves, and in “normal” society, “just being yourself” is something of a sin. Check out our list of twenty outlandish, daring and ear defining celebrities and see if your favorites are on here.


Everyone knows her as “The Material Girl,” and her songs, to say nothing of her show wardrobe, are nothing less than daring, always pushing the envelope when it comes to mentioning human intimacy. Naturally, this has made quite a few people over a certain age uncomfortable. But then Madonna has never quite given a flying fig about this. In fact, in an interview with a famous women’s magazine, she issued a challenge to the women out there to “be daring.”

Lady Gaga

It stands to reason that Lady Gaga could easily have been Madonna’s student when it comes to doing shocking and daring things. Lady Gaga’s music videos, for example, seem to make Madonna’s look tame. But as provocative as Madonna has been, we have yet to see Madonna put on a dress made of meat.

Michael Jackson

This guy was controversial and shocking for a number of reasons, his suggestive dance moves being one of them. His rather extreme facial reconstruction is another. Millions loved him, still, others reviled him. But who can resist moving to the music every time one of his old songs comes on the radio, boosting everyone’s mood?

Miley Cyrus

There’s no question she’s taken a page out of Madonna’s and Lady Gaga’s “books” of “being shocking,” and she’s taken it up more than several notches. You have to give her props for trying to bust out of that Disney-esque “good girl” image she ended up giving herself by swinging the other way into Ultra-Shock-Land. Okay, so maybe she went too far when it came to that “performance” with Robin Thicke, but this planet is full of wild and crazy people as it is, what’s one more?

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