20 People That Are Having A Much Worse Day Than You

It is the beginning of a new week and while we might think that is the worse thing possible, these people might make you feel better about your day. Yes, we have all had bad days, weeks or months before, but sometimes it is not as bad as we think. We have come up with a list of 20 people that are having a much worse day then we are. Check them out and if you don’t agree, you must be having a really bad day.

Drunk Guy

All this guy wanted was some pizza after a night of drinking and he came so close! He better wakeup and eat that pizza or we’ll be upset.


She was just trying to catch some rays, but this dog had other plans. He was just looking for something to pee on and she was the perfect height!

Maintenance Guy

This guy does not look amused at that elevator trying to take his vacuum away! That is too funny and it looks like no more cleaning is getting done that day.


These people tried to be cheap and transport paint in plastic tubs with no covers. They thought it was a good idea, but we are thinking they regret that decision right about now.

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