20 People Who Took Revenge To A New Level

It is a natural thing for a person to want recompense when someone else has wronged them – everyone finds at least a little bit of joy in getting back at that jerk who called them names or made a mockery of them in public. While the common saying goes “Revenge is a dish best served cold,” there are those aren’t satisfied with the more common forms of redress, those who can’t keep themselves distant from their actions. Here is a list of people who seemed to revel in their retaliation against those they love to hate.

Animated Hate

Michael Eisner and Jeffery Katzenberg once worked together at Disney until Eisner canned his co-worker. To make his feelings clear, Katzenberg made the film Shrek as a huge middle finger to the man who fired him. Not only does the movie’s villain Lord Farquad (suspiciously close to “f**kwad”) bear an uncanny resemblance to Eisner, the depictions of Disney characters being sold into slavery to the evil little man speaks in volumes to those who know the story.

Exposed For Eternity

Dante Alighieri was part of a group that suspected Pope Boniface VIII of plotting to overthrown Florence and execute the government. Dante was invited by Boniface to the Papal apartments seemingly in peace, but during Dante’s visit Boniface brought the supposed plot to fruition. Later on, he wrote the famed novel The Divine Comedy in which he reams the Papacy, calling it “a blood-filled sewer.”

Rise Against The Pigs

When prisoners at a correctional facility in Vermont were tasked with running a print shop that would produce decals for police cars, they took that opportunity to utilize the power they had just been unwittingly given. It took the Vermont police a year before they realized the prisoners had hidden a picture of a pig on their emblem.

Non-Conforming To Conformity

Ever wondered what motivated David Bowie to make such noncommercial music early in his career? It was his money grubbing manager who took 50% of David Bowies royalties. During their time together, Bowie made the strangest music he could and when he was rid of his manager in 1982, he made the most pop-friendly album and became a millionaire.

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