20 People Who Want To Be The President Of The United States

Marco Rubio

Rubio has surprisingly been deemed one of the Republican frontrunners, as he is well-liked by Republicans, but also appeals to the more social/liberal conservatives as well. He is doing pretty well in the polls.

Fun fact: Rubio used to be the Speaker of the House in Florida.

Hillary Clinton

Clinton is basically a shoe-in to win the Democrat nomination. She has loads of experience in politics and in the public eye. It has been debated that the only reason she’s doing so well in the polls is because of her husband, so that may hurt her in the end.

Fun fact: Clinton has not driven a car since 1996.

Rick Perry

Perry is the perfect candidate for those who want stringent rules around both immigration and foreign policy. He tried to run for nomination in 2012, and failed pretty miserably.

Fun fact: Perry once said that “homosexuality is like alcoholism.”

Rand Paul

Paul is surprisingly running for the Republican party, though many of his policies and votes lean towards a much more liberal way of thinking. This makes it easy for him to appeal to both sides of voters, but at the same time, he could alienate the Republican vote.

Fun fact: Paul is actually the son of three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul.

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