20 Photos Of Animals Dressed As Humans

What is more interesting than a human? Easy — it’s simply an animal dressed like a human of course! There is nothing more adorable than a dog dressed up in a suit or a cat in a ballerina’s tutu. From dressing up domesticated pets to adorning monkeys and aardvarks in full costume, all of these critters are quite literally more stylish than most humans in the world. Here are 20 adorable photos of animals dressed up as people. You be the judge and decide who wore it best; the human or the animal. Take a look and see for yourself!

Sometimes Pigs Like To Dress Up As Mice

Minnie Mouse never looked this good.

And Sometimes Dogs Are More Fabulous Than Their Owners

This dog is giving me serious Paris Hilton vibes.

Some Rats Are Pretty Talented Dancers

The Rat King isn’t the star of The Nutcracker for nothing.

And Meerkats Are Smarter Than We Think

Just look at this guy!

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