20 Photos Taken Right Before Something Tragic Happened

Many of us take photographs to help capture moments in life so we can look back at all the memories we have created. While it can be a good thing to look back on later in life, it can also bring up some tragic memories and such odd feelings too. We have compiled a list of photos that seem like normal, regular pictures. However, what happened after these photos were taken will shock you. It will mess with your emotions, as you won’t know whether to be sad or happy that the moment was captured.

Bear Attack

This photo was taken by a hiker in New Jersey, as they saw a bear along the trail. It is a sad story, as moments later the hiker was killed by that same bear.

Jim Morrison

This is the final photo of Jim Morrison of The Doors before he passed away in 1971. He was 27 years old and allegedly died of a heroin overdose in Paris, but no autopsy was ever done and the exact cause of death is still disputed today.

Columbine High School

This is a photo from the security cameras at Columbine High School during that tragic school shooting. The man shown is William David Sanders, a teacher there, and he warned students in the cafeteria of the shooting, which saved hundreds of lives but sadly not his own.

Nightclub Fire

This was at The Station nightclub in Rhode Island and you can see the musician notice the fire starting behind them as they perform. Unfortunately, that fire would kill 100 people that night back in February 2003.

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