20 Pictures That Prove Selfie Sticks Are Capable Of Capturing Good Photographs

Last year, the word ‘Selfie’ was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary. There can be no greater sign of the fact that selfies have creeped into our culture and are now very much a part of our lives. Despite all the love and hate selfies have received in the past, an extension of the same concept, the selfie stick has been thrashed and banned around the world. Although most people use a selfie stick to capture pointless and mundane photographs, here are 20 pictures that prove that even selfie sticks are capable of taking some exciting pictures:

The Steep Rush Of Snowboarding

This picture gives us a great idea about the exact angle snowboarders have to tackle while taking on the adventure sport. The daunting volumes of snow surrounding the snowboarder, who looks fairly well equipped, adds another dimension to the image.

Riding That Wave

Surfing has to be one of the coolest activities in the world. For all the million times you have wondered how cool you looked while surfing, here is a great picture to summarize exactly how awesome surfing is!

We Have Lift Off

This man seems to be either completing a mid-air flip on his ski’s or he is about to fall hard onto the snow below! Either way, this is a great picture with nothing but snow, sky and a distant signal tower.

Stick Hi-Fly

This man not only has a really cool single-seater plane, but he also has the selfie to prove it. It’s funny how he sticks his hand out of the plane to take the picture.

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