20 Predators That Are Extremely Dangerous

The animal kingdom is a vital and fascinating part of our ecosystem that has its own set of interesting dynamics. The food chain is one such dynamic that is interesting to observe simply because it has more to do with survival, instinct and necessity over the obvious action of killing another member of the system. In this complex and balanced environment, there are some animals that are more dominant that the others, despite their shape, size or species. Here is a list of 20 predators from around the world that are deadly and skillful in the art of mastering the hunt.


The Orca is an apex predator unlike any other on the planet. It has a high level of self awareness and is driven by a sense of community over every other instinct. They can take down any animal or fish to venture into the seas and they are just as equipped at taking care of each other as human beings.


In the wild, danger can be found in all shapes and sizes. The Deathstalker has to be one of the smallest predators in the world but they are responsible for nearly 75% of all scorpion related deaths, despite being found only in parts of North Africa and the Middle East.

Siberian Tiger

These magnificent beats are not only stunning to see but are also one of the most feared wild cats on the planet. They do not have the reputation of hurting humans but are known for their bravado in taking down some truly fearful predators like bears.

Great White Shark

Although the Orcas are feared for their size and intelligence, the great white shark is known to be a pure killing machine. Its entire structure and mentality is built around the hunt, making them a fearful element in the seas.

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