20 Real Animals That Look Stranger Than Fiction

Panda Ant

Panda ant, also known as cow killer or cow ant, is not an ant but rather comes from the wasp family. It is known as panda ant because of its striking black and white color resembling that of a panda. It is found in Chile and are known for their dangerous and painful stings.


Not trying to be discriminating, but this is probably the ugliest animal in the planet. They live incredibly deep in the ocean where pressures are high, hence the fish features a gelatinous, gooey skin adapted for survival. This allows them to stay buoyant deep underwater where gaseous bladders no longer function.

Red Lipped Batfish

A local in the Galapagos Islands, the Batfish is a pretty horrible swimmer and uses his pectoral fins to walk on the bottom of the ocean’s surface.

Poodle Moth

Not much is known of the species yet, as it was just recently discovered in Venezuela in 2009. It looks terrifying and lovable at the same time.

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