20 Real Animals That Look Stranger Than Fiction

Indian Purple Frog

This purple species of frog found in India has an odd-shaped snout and bloated body. It prefers to stay underground for most of the time and only spends 2 weeks a year on the surface.

Thorny Dragon

Looks like some kind of Pokemon, but this lizard actually exists! An expert camouflager, the lizard has a false head, which he uses to show to predators while hiding his real one.


The Shoebill is a large bird resembling a stork, but with a shoe-shaped beak. Even if the Shoebill has been known for thousands of years, the bird was only formally classified in the 1800’s.

Dumbo Octopus

Dumbo Octopus are known to live the deepest in the ocean among all octopus species. They live on the sea floor or hover slightly above it.

The fins on top of the head make it look like ears, and thus it is called ‘Dumbo Octopus’.

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