20 Reasons Anna Kendrick Should Be Your Best Friend

She’s In Love With Taco Bell

If you think that you like Taco Bell, think again. Anna Kendrick loves tacos and she likes them fast. In fact, she loves them so much that it’s starting to border on inappropriate.

She Got Drunk On TV

Anna Kendrick is clearly up for anything and for that, we salute her. During a recent TV appearance she happily accepted the host’s suggestion that she get blind drunk on TV.

She Swears At Least Once In Each Sentence

Anna Kendrick doesn’t hold back. Her Twitter feed is notorious for its hilarious and explicit content and if she has permission, she isn’t afraid of expressing herself in all sorts of colorful ways.

She Goes All Out In The Club

Raise your hand if you’re sick of girls half heartedly dancing in the club? We all know that drinking plus music equals crazy, unattractive dancing and if you’re with Anna Kendrick, you have full permission to go all out.

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