20 Rich Kids Taking Better Summer Vacations Than You

Have you ever wondered how the obscenely wealthy spend their summer holidays? Facebook and Instagram have given us a way to take a peek into other peoples lives. Celebrities and everyday people put their pictures out there for anyone to see, and we can’t stop looking. You can use these images to plan your lifestyle accordingly, after you’ve won the lottery of course. When you combine rich kids, Instagram, and summer holidays, this is what you get.

Water Slide From A Yacht

Sometimes it’s not enough of an eye catcher to have a yacht. Just add an inflatable waterside to the side of your yacht and make sure everyone is jealous.

Casual Horse Racing

Casual horse racing is as casual as it gets. Participants walk their horses in a circle to see who can walk the fastest without actually doing anything athletic.

Line? What Line?

Why fly coach when you can fly first class? Why fly first class when you can fly in your own private jet. No more waiting in line either.

Cruising The High Seas

Throwing a yacht party is only fun if you do it on the front deck where everyone can see how much better it is to be rich.

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