20 Ridiculous Examples Of Sunburn Art

If you’re regularly plugged in to social media, the you have probably come across the strange new trend that so many see as an alternative to tattoos – tan or sunburn art. Decals or skin protectants like sunscreen are applied in a design; then you leave your skin to bake in the sun until the exposed skin is dark enough for the design to show up underneath. Sounds cool and easy, right? All of the dermatologists in the world having nightmares about this weird fad, but they serve as a great cross-section between hey-what-an-idiot and wow-that-looks-kinda-cool internet picture. Here are some pretty crafty sunburn tattoos and some hilariously failed ones.

The Bat Signal

Everyone loves the valiant Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader, the awesome Batman. But how many love him enough to endure weeks of pain, oozing blisters, and peeling skin?

Smile for the Camera

There has never been a more simple and direct way to express happiness and friendliness than with the display of a smiley face. Then again, subjecting yourself to a painful burn to get one on your back definitely sends mixed messages.

Flowers Before You

The girl in this picture probably loves the beautiful hibiscus on her shoulder. Thirty years from now, when she’s in the hospital with skin cancer, she probably won’t love it so much.

Extra Helping

This is as silly looking as it is depressingly dumb. It’s hard to tell whether this was a sad accident or if this person lost a bet.

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