20 Ridiculous Examples Of Sunburn Art

Tanning Vogue

Putting on jewelry is such a hassle – how do I avoid the headache? I know! I’ll just burn it into my skin and I won’t have to remember it!

Redneck Hero

So, you’re a big enough Superman fan to have his symbol burnt onto your chest, eh? But on the other hand, you’re not a big enough fan to actually make the symbol look at least a little bit legit? The Man of Steel would vote “No.”

Holstein Human

The sunburn art in this photo is so perfectly lined up, its hard to tell whether or not it’s photoshopped. But its so inventive and impressive that no one would probably even care.

Tribal Tan

What a perfect way to practice for a real tattoo – get the sunburn version to see if you like it. Hopefully when he goes for the needle, he’ll at least get them to center the design.

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