20 Shocking Film Urban Legends You Won’t Believe


Another ghostly film that is said to come with a heavy curse, Poltergeist has been terrifying people for years. According to reports, six cast members died during the making of the film in bizarre and unexplained ways. Whilst many people put it down to coincidence, there’s no denying the spookiness of the events.

For Your Eyes Only

The Bond girl is a ubiquitous part of the James Bond empire and many fans go to the movies simply to drool over the spy’s latest squeeze. Imagine the shock, then, when it was revealed that the bombshell in For Your Eyes Only might be something other than she claimed to be? According to reports, Caroline Cossey was in fact a man who had undergone a sex change, a fact which went unnoticed for many years.

The Rescuers

When animators want to play tricks on their audiences, they go all out and even the most innocent of films aren’t safe. Disney classic The Rescuers is said to contain lewd images of woman in between shots, planted by rogue cast members. The studio even recalled over 3 million videotapes of the film in the ’90s in attempts to remove all traces of the images.

Back To The Future II

Whilst we might look back and laugh at some of ’80s movie Back To The Future‘s inventions, it turns out that it wasn’t all as crazy as might have thought. After the film was released, children begged their parents for one of Marty’s hoverboards, a product which cast and crew insisted was being kept under wraps from the general public.

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