20 Shocking Zoo Attacks You Wouldn’t Believe

Mila the Elephant

In 2012, a 39-year-old Africa elephant, who had previously spent almost 3 decades as a circus performer, was in Franklin Zoo, New Zealand. Zoo owner Helen Schofield had planned to transfer her to a sanctuary, but was crushed by the trunk of the giant mammal.

Jabari the Gorilla

In 2004, Jabari the Gorilla was surrounded by a 16-foot concave wall when he was taunted by a group of children. Jabari scaled the wall and began a rampage, attacking four people, including a 26-year-old mother and her 3-year-old son. Jabari had the child in his mouth and was chewing its head and chest at one point. SWAT put him down.

Nyanaga the Lion

In 2012, staff shortages at the Parys Zoo Farm forced Joe Ramonetha out of retirement to help tend the lions. While in the hallway of the lion enclosure, Ramonetha was attacked by Nyanga. The lion bit him through the neck, killing him. Nyanga was spared.

Tilikum the Orca

In 2010, the 12,000 pound Orca, Tilikum, was working with a trainer, Dawn Brancheau, at SeaWorld Orlando when the worst happened. Tilikum grabbed hold of the trainer, pulling her into the water. Brancheau died of drowning and blunt force trauma, including broken bones and a severed spinal cord. Tilikum performs to this day.

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