20 Shows In Their First Season That Deserve A Watch

Television has become more competitive than ever before, with a plethora of new shows exploding onto the scene each year. Although certain critical darlings do survive their first season based on fan support alone, most shows are highly dependent on ratings to pull them through to season two. This poses a grave problem because most television viewers are moving towards the trend of playing the waiting game in order to ensure that they are not watching a show that could possibly be cancelled. In order to ensure that quality shows live to see a second season, it is important that they receive support from the start. Here is a list of 20 television shows across different genres and networks that deserve a watch from the first seasons itself:


A great cast, light family-based humor and the reinvention of stereotypes makes ‘Black-ish‘ on ABC one of the better sitcoms of the year. It is not entirely sure about its target audience at all times, but this one still has some great moments and is worth a watch.

Fresh Off The Boat

Based on the memoirs of famous chef Eddie Huang, ‘Fresh Off The Boat‘ follows a Taiwanese family as they make the transition of moving from Washington to Florida. Although it may seem that the plotline isn’t ‘fresh’ or anything spectacular, the show is glued together by its charming and vibrant child lead Hudson Yang. Constance Wu and Randall Park play a great second fiddle to this wonderful character of an ‘Asian boy trapped in a rapper’s body’.

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