20 Signs You’re Not A Real Adult

Did you go to college? Do you currently pay your own bills, live apart from your parents and buy your own groceries? Congratulations; in society’s eyes, at least, you’re a fully functioning adult. You no longer have the comfort of your youth to fall back on and instead, you are expected to contribute to the smooth running of society at large. So no pressure, then.

If you find yourself as an alien amongst adults, you’re probably not alone. Look long enough at any 20 something and pretty soon, the terror they feel at being classed in the same generation as their parents will become pretty clear. Being a real adult comes with its own set of dangers and pitfalls and unless you know what you’re doing, the world can be a scary place.

You Have No Idea How To Deal With Breakages

As soon as something breaks in your house, you have a full on meltdown. Spending money on practical appliances never even crosses your mind and if something stops working, you just find out a way to live without it.

You Like To Combine Work And Alcohol

Working with a tipsy head is a weekly occurrence for you and even though your afternoon hangovers are like fresh hell, you see no reason to change your routine. You couldn’t possibly imagine having an early night on a Thursday.

Your Grocery Shopping Is 98% Snacks

The best thing about living apart from your parents is the power to do your own grocery shopping. While you want to start eating healthily one day, for now, you stock up on snacks and chocolate.

You Deal With Bad News Terribly

Pretty much every day in your world is a good day, so when things start to go wrong, you don’t know how to rationally deal with them. Your first instinct is to hide under your duvet and hope that everything sorts itself out by the time you resurface.

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