20 Super Similar Looking Celebrities Separated At Birth

Without a doubt, James Franco is certainly an afterlife of James Dean. The natural similarities are quite shocking to say the least. Interestingly enough, there are many celebrities who look like they could be sisters or brothers from another mother. How does this happen? Is someone getting punk’d? Who knows, but peculiar as it can seem, keep reading to see 20 amazingly similar looking stars who could definitely play twins in an upcoming movie! Get ready for a double take.

Sean Faris and Tom Cruise

Sean Faris easily looks like a young Tom Cruise. Shame his career has not hit the same heights as the couch jumping scientologist.

Mark Strong and Andy Garcia

The Ocean’s Eleven star bears an uncanny resemblance to Kingsman Trainer, though he could do with some hair on that pretty face.

Dustin Hoffman and Francois Cluzet

Cluzet, while not a bad actor, will forever be remembered as the doppelganger to Dustin Hoffman.

Hilary Swank and Missy Peregrym

This probably looks like a legitimate case of separation at birth. But Swank is the winner for kicking ass while looking good at it!

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