20 Surprising Things About Super Mario You Didn’t Know

Super Mario is probably one of the most famous characters in the world. He has appeared in hundreds of video games, movies, TV shows and cartoons over the past thirty years and has become the iconic mascot of legendary developer and publisher Nintendo. Being so well known, though, you would probably think that there isn’t much that you couldn’t know about the famous plumber. After all, he has been seen in countless forms of media and is arguably the most recognizable video game character of all time.

That is simply not the case as there are plenty of unknown facts and interesting pieces of trivia about Mario and his games that have remained hidden throughout the years. In fact, there is a lot more to the hero and some very strange tales behind some of his adventures.

Those Aren’t Just Bricks

The instruction booklet that came with the original Super Mario Bros. game stated that the bricks that are present throughout the game, and the ones that Mario is constantly break to get coins, aren’t actually bricks at all. Instead, they are the inhabitants of the mushroom kingdom who have been cursed by the invading Koopas and turned into blocks.

Super Mushroom

The Super Mushroom has been an ever present part of the Mario series for almost all of its history. The fungi has magical powers that transform the plumber into a bigger and stronger version of himself but they are in fact inspired by a real life mushroom called amanita muscaria. Eating is has several side effects including nausea, mood changes, hallucinations and visual distortion that changes the way a person perceives the size and shape of objects.

What’s In A Name?

Luigi’s name is based on the Japanese version that is spelt Ruiji, a word that has a similar meaning. As Luigi is almost exactly the same as Mario in appearance, especially in the earlier games where he was simply the same character with a different color palette, the name fit. Similarly, Wario is a combination of the name Mario with the Japanese word warui, which means bad or mean, as he is essentially an evil version of Mario.

Yoshi’s Origins

The famous green dinosaur Yoshi was originally designed to be implemented in Super Mario Bros. as creator Shigeru Miyamoto had always envisioned Mario riding on a dinosaur. However, technical limitations meant that all the games released on the NES were unable to contain Yoshi thanks to the change in control screen and new programming that the creator would need. Yoshi eventually made his debut in Super Mario World in 1990.

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