20 Techniques Proving Torture Is Beyond Brutal

Torture has been used throughout time – for thousands of years – to ensure someone relays information that the torturer is looking for. Unfortunately, a lot of the time the victim simply stated what their attacker wanted to hear instead of what was one-hundred percent true. Torture has also been known to be incredibly brutal and horrific, leaving many dead, disfigured, or psychologically broken. These are twenty of the most brutal torture techniques that were actually used throughout history in some manner.

The Tub

The Tub forced a convicted individual to sit in the wooden tub with just their head sticking out. The torturer would then paint their face with milk and honey, allowing flies to feed on their skin. The victim would end up swimming in their own bodily fluids and excrement before being devoured by maggots and worms as they slowly rotted.

The Brazen Bull

The Brazen Bull was designed in ancient Greece and featured a brass bull with a door on the side. The victim was inserted into the interior, and then a fire was lit underneath. The metal would heat up rapidly, slowly roasting those inside in agonizing pain.


In 15th century Romania, the victim was forced to sit atop a sharp, thick pole. Their body weight forced them slowly down, impaling them from the bottom. It took some victims up to three days to die using this method. Vlad the Impaler did this to 20,000 victims.

Heretics Fork

This device was a metal piece with a bi-pronged fork strapped to a belt or strap. One end was placed just under the chin, the other to the sternum. The victim would then hang from the ceiling, unable to sleep. Should their head drop, their throat and chest were impaled.

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